Two Factor Authentication

A password alone will not protect sensitive information from hackers–two-factor authentication is also necessary.

It’s nearly impossible to truly secure an online or mobile account with just a password.

Data breaches, malware, device theft, and other methods can be used to compromise digital passwords, no matter how secure they are.

Cyber Hygenic practices are necessary, we should tell the importance of 2FA to Friends, Family, colleagues, and encourage them to enable 2FA.

Two-factor authentication when you log in on to the application, you also need to enter one-time passcode.

This substantially reduces the risk of being hacked.

Password – Something you know.

Passcode – something you have.

Useful links below allow you to do easily enable 2FA on Popular sites:

1. Google

2. Microsoft 

3. LinkedIn 

4. Facebook

5. Whatsapp 

6. Telegram 

7. Instagram

8. Twitter

Even you can enable 2FA on other sites as well, Most of the sites are Providing 2FA.

Keep Yourself Safe Online.