A Virtual Private Network is known as VPN effectively encrypts all the internet traffic sent over the internet connection and sends it to a far-off VPN server. In this entire process, everything went through the VPN server. Like for instance, let’s say that you’re residing in the UK and wantRead More →

Features Adjusted to Ease Demand A spike in demand on Office 365 services, probably linked to the upswing in home working provoked by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, has forced Microsoft to throttle back some application features. The news was released to tenants in an update posted to the Office 365Read More →


HA Architecture – Links HA1 (control link), HA1 backup, Heartbeat backup Config synchronization Management plane runtime state synchronization FIB, user-group mappings, DHCP leases, DNS cache, etc. HA state communication HA2 (data link) & HA2 backup Session synchronization A/P – We do not sync ICMP sessions. A/A – We do notRead More →